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Over the years, digital marketing has changed the buyer journey and the consumer experience drastically. In the past, marketing was all about exposing leads to as many messages as possible until they decided to buy something. Now, companies can’t just shout at their customers and hope for the best—they need to build relationships with their prospects through content marketing, social media and public relations.

In recent years, mobile searches have exceeded desktop searches, the world has become increasingly social, and influences have risen to the top as the ultimate way of gaining consumer trust. What all this information shows us is that consumer behavior has changed. Companies can either keep up with the trends in acquisition and choice, or they can run the risk of becoming obsolete. Here are just some of the ways digital marketing has changed everything.

Access to analytics

Before the digital world emerged, it was practically impossible to keep track of customer preferences and trends. Now, digital marketing and analytics gives marketing experts and professionals at PR firms access to endless amounts of data that they can use to determine how clients search for products, make purchases, and interact with a company.

Analytics and “big data” allow businesses to analyze their target audience and use the insights they gather to adjust their marketing strategies to speak the right language. This leads to stronger relationships between customers and companies, and more opportunities for sales.

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