About HUDA

AL HUDA is an international school which vision is to break the stereotypes on private educational systems, caring only about financial profitability. On the contrary, AL HUDA international school’s mission is to bring up a generation that believe in the power of knowledge and education.


Putting in mind “AL HUDA” vision and mission; we, at NoqtaPlus worked on branding AL HUDA International schools precisely as it’s. Using slogans as powerful as “Education that matters” and “Knowledge is power” and attaching it to the brand name, vision and mission.

Totally creating a brand image that will defiantly strike it out in the audience eyes.

We achieved the brand marketing goals using different digital marketing strategies through Facebook Ads “Facebook Advertising” and Facebook marketing,

Content analyzed by SEO tools that ranks its website on google charts, beside with strong digital marketing campaigns with google Ads and other marketing tool;

as well as using Instagram marketing and every other social media platform and email marketing.

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