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About Pura

Pura is a premium mineral water brand; Pura believes the purity of its water is what differentiate it from others. Taste does matter in water. There are many water brands in the market, what Pura cares for is good quality and really different taste.

Mobile Application

Our experienced extraordinary app developers at Noqta+ in cooperation with our art director and creative designers have succeeded to create a premium customer friendly mobile application for “Pura”; giving the brand the chance to stand tall between all water brand in Saudi Arabia as one of the first water brands to have such friendly- user mobile application.


From creating the brand assets such as (logo, the fonts which going to be used and the brand colors) to creating a strong visual identity for the brand that makes it differentiate from other brands,

what else we delivered?!

We at Noqta+ did it all for our client “Pura”; creating everything from scratch even the brand identity, the brand tune of voice to even packaging and printing, let’s just say, we at Noqta+, created a brand for our client.

our designs, every tiny detail, are chosen to offer a vibrant and positive user experience for your clients.

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