About Tulia

Tulia is a real estate and trading service company based in Istanbul-Turkey, leading its way into the market to be one of the pioneer real estate and trading services; relying on the core values of Tulia, which are trust, the importance of a good life-time relationship with the customers and profit for all as well as quality, speed and vision.


Being Tulia’s branding and digital marketing partner; we, at Noqta+ had succeed to come up with and brand identity and visual brand assets, we also created a very detailed and precise marketing plan, that included all tools and channels, to create a strong community for the brand which helped with drawing a very strong and trustworthy image in the mind of its targeted audience.

Social Media

Using the brand assets that we built, strong and interactive visuals and graphic designs as well as engaging content; at Noqta+ we succeed to make a strong print for Tulia on all Social media platforms, using our effective Facebook marketing, Instagram marketing and twitter marketing plans.


We successfully build a visually interactive, ranked SEO content website for Tulia, making it easy to present their real estate project in a catchy interactive way that will defiantly attract Tulia’s target audience to be potential leads and help on increasing the sales.

Video Production

Creating a weekly video “Mwgaz Tulia” to present regular updates on the real estate and trading market in Turkey and especially Istanbul was one of the milestones we achieved for Tulia; to be one of the first real estate companies with that competitive advantage privilege.


Through effective and strong paid adverting campaigns on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, we have succeeded to increase the sales of Tulia bringing it lots of potential clients and leads.

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